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I am Mistress Whiplash, also known as Mistress Nikki, or Nikki. I am an experienced professional dominatrix who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since 2000. I am based in Hampshire, UK.


Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

wl1702 : Corporal Punishment for 2 Naughty Sissies

Mistress Nikki catches her two sissy maids playing with each other when they should be cleaning the dungeon! As punishment for their misbehaviour, the naughty girls are bent over and have their knickers pulled down and their bottoms spanked, strapped and finally caned as they're told off.. Published Thu Feb 22 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1701 : Sounds Orgasm For Spunkbreath

Nikki's sub is bound tightly to the torture chair and is going to have to suffer well to earn an orgasm. Nikki is in the mood for sounding, and she uses an array of nice thick metal and silicon sounds to stretch her sub's urethra right down to the base of his cock - and beyond! But can he cum with a big fat sound inserted? And where on earth will Mistress dispose of his thick, sticky mess if he does?!. Published Thu Feb 15 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1700 : The Bin Men

Mistress Nikki's slaves love to be degraded and dehumanised for her amusement. Mistress keeps this pair locked in her big wheelie bin when they're not of any use to her, and feeds them only on scraps. It's feeding time for the binmen so they are given plenty of delicious and nutritious food by their benevolent Mistress before she locks them back into the bin.. Published Thu Feb 8 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1699 : The Sissy Plumber II

Having been totally sissified in the last clip, the sissy plumber (now named Molly) is shown some of her new duties serving her Mistress Nikki. Sissy Molly is going to need to learn how to suck cock and take it in her tight hole if she wants to keep Mistress happy! The sissy sucks Mistress's strap-on and then bends over for a humiliating deflowering with her skirts and petticoats hoisted up and her frilly knickers round her knees!. Published Thu Feb 1 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1698 : The Sissy Plumber I

Nikki has a plumber in to fix the kitchen sink... But she can't help noticing the plumber has some silky red knickers peeping out of the top of his work trousers! He's a secret sissy! Nikki won't let a chance this good go to waste, so she lets the plumber know that she knows his secret, and then strips him out of his man clothes and dresses him in a gorgeous powder blue and pink sissy dress with matching shoes. The dress and the shoes are locked on, and the new sissy is given a makeover and wig to finish the transformation!. Published Thu Jan 25 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1697 : Cruel Bastinado

My sub is tied to the spanking bench, but it's not his bottom I want to cane today... It's time for some excruciatingly painful bastinado!!. Published Thu Jan 18 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1696 : Cruel Sounding & Ejaculation

Mistress Nikki's horny slave is willing to take any amount of cock torment to gain himself a much-needed orgasm! He submits to Nikki's cruel desires and endures a deep sounding with two frighteningly fat sounds... One smooth to open him up, followed by a ribbed one to increase those stretching sensations! But that's not enough to satisfy Nikki and if the slave wants to cum, he's going to have to do it whilst in the cruel condom! The tight metal condom digs into the sensitive flesh of his shaft as Nikki teases it to a very painful orgasm indeed.. Published Thu Jan 11 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1695 : No Escape From Nipple Torture

Mistress Nikki has her sub strapped down to the torture bench, ready for his nipples to receive her undivided attention. She warms them up with the tazapper and then applies the first of two pairs of clamps... These are just the introduction, though, as Mistress has some very special spiked clover clamps to use next. She smothers her sub into her big breasts to muffle his screams of pain as she applies the clamps, and then hoists them up using the torture winch to add extra tension. The poor sub must endure Nikki's sadism until she is satisfied.. Published Thu Jan 4 2024.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1694 : Caged Meat for Boot Worship

Mistress Nikki has got her slave imprisoned in the floor cage. He's horny and desperate to do anything to please her! Mistress decides she would like her boot soles licked clean, so she pokes them through the cage bars and orders her slave to lick them. Teasing his hard cock with her soles, and moistening his mouth up with lots of her delicious spit, Mistress makes sure her slave does a thorough job.. Published Thu Dec 28 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1693 : Office Pegging Humiliation

Office boss Nikki tells her PA Matthew that he has to go the extra mile to help win contracts for the company. He's going to have to learn to keep the clients happy by sucking and fucking their cocks, and Nikki is going to give him a lesson! Nikki starts with some cocksucking training, making her employee suck her big strap on cock right down to the balls, pushing it down his throat for lots of dribbly deepthroat. Once she's satisfied that he can suck cock competently, Nikki moves on to Matthew's other hole and fucks him hard in the arse to make sure can take it. Both his holes are left wide open by the time Nikki and her monster cock are done.. Published Thu Dec 21 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1692 : Encouraged Bi Deepthroat

Mistress Nikki simply adores turning her straight subs bi. She gives her slut some deepthroat training with a nice chunky strap on before putting him to work on the real thing... A nice chunky real cock. The slut gets the cock balls deep down his throat in an impressive deepthroating display before taking the most enormous, humiliating and degrading load of spunk all over his face, body and hair. Perfect.. Published Thu Dec 14 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1691 : Naked and Bent Over for Stripes

Nikki has decided that Rabbit is owed some cane stripes across her bottom and thighs, so Rabbit is instructed to assume the position, naked and bent over the punishment bench. Nikki takes great pleasure from seeing Rabbit writhe in pain as her bottom and thighs are caned.. Published Thu Dec 7 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1690 : The Red Barbarian

I've got a new toy - the Red Barbarian! It's time to give it a try out using my willing sub's slutty hole. He lies back with his legs spread apart on the fucking bench and lets me use his hole for my enjoyment, giving him a nice deep pegging and a wide stretching with my new strap-on.. Published Thu Nov 30 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1689 : Trampled Boot Bitch

My boot bitch is kept locked in my cell, just in case I am in need of a doormat or boot cleaner... Today he's in luck, as I'm going to let him out of his cell for some boot cleaning duties! He is made to lick clean my lovely red patent over knee boots (with extra spit supplied by me!) and then is used as a full weight human doormat for a good trampling. I make sure I stand nice and hard and sink my heels in to make him suffer! I love having a doormat covered in boot prints! Once I'm finished with him, back to the cell he goes!. Published Thu Nov 23 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1688 : Gaping Both Holes

Mistress Nikki has her sub exposed in the garden for a hole gaping session! She uses the fucking machine to impale his ass on a huge, meaty cock, then gets to work stuffing his urethra with sounds. The sub is made to come with an array of sounds in his cock!. Published Thu Nov 16 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1687 : Corporal Punishment for Lazy Slave

Mistress Nikki's slave hasn't been pulling his weight around the place, so he's going to receive a correctional punishment. His pants are pulled down and he's given a humiliating bare bottom spanking across her knee, and in the wheelbarrow position to really expose and trap him. Mistress doesn't think that a hand spanking is quite enough to motivate her slave suitably, so she also uses the paddle and strap to really hammer her point home!. Published Thu Nov 9 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1686 : Courtyard Pegging

Mistress Nikki is going to give her slave Moley an alfresco pegging in the courtyard. Suspended in the fucking sling, the slave's legs are spread and he's completely at Mistress's mercy, ready for her to peg him with a nice chunky cock.. Published Thu Nov 2 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1685 : Halloween Trick or Treat

Mistress Nikki's horny Halloween slave has been tied up in the dungeon with a pumpkin on his head! He's desperate to cum but doesn't know if he's going to get a trick or a treat! Mistress edges her slave's hard cock with her hand over and over, getting it closer and closer to cumming before cruelly abandoning the orgasm and laughing as the spunk flows out! The slave's ordeal isn't finished there, though, as Mistress Nikki wants to wring another load out using her Slubb milker.. Published Thu Oct 26 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1684 : Warming Her Hot Ass

Mistress Nikki is going to give subgirl Rabbit's bottom a good warming up with a selection of her favourite straps and tawses. Rabbit tries to be a good girl and take the corporal punishment without too much fuss, but she can't help but whimper, yelp and writhe sexily as she is disciplined.. Published Thu Oct 19 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

wl1683 : The Human Spittoon

I delight in the degradation of spitting onto my slaves' bodies and into their mouths! Strapped firmly to the trolley, this little sub has no choice but to let my saliva rain down on him as I open the balcony doors and shower him with it! Even at this height, my aim is pretty good and I score lots of direct hits onto his cock and balls and into his mouth!. Published Thu Oct 12 2023.
This is just one of 734 videos published on this website.

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