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I am Mistress Whiplash, also known as Mistress Nikki, or Nikki. I am an experienced professional dominatrix who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since 2000. I am based in Hampshire, UK.


Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

wl1491 : Huge Drilling from the Fucking Machine

My butt slut is chained with his legs spread and his arsehole well oiled, ready to receive a hard drilling from my fucking machine using one of my biggest dildos - the legendary Bam! His arsehole has to gape wide to accommodate the huge cock, and I make sure I give him a really hard and fast hammering. Let's see if I can get the machine all the way up to 240rpm!. Published Thu Mar 26 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1490 : The Electric Chair

My slave is strapped securely to the torture chair, ready to submit to my sadistic whims. I've got a lot of pain in store for him today: first he's going to have his urethra stretched by my big, knobbly new sound; and then he's going to be given electric shocks all over by me with my violet wand. He can't move an inch so has no choice but to comply for my entertainment!. Published Thu Mar 19 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1489 : Tiny Tony's SPH & Premature Ejaculation

Nikki has brought her useless lover Tony to meet Sophia, to see if she can offer any help with his tiny cock and premature ejaculation problem. Unfortunately, Sophia and Nikki quickly decide Tony is a lost cause and hurl abuse at him about his pathetic, small cock as Sophia gives it a little stroke. Of course, Tony totally humiliates himself by ejaculating prematurely, much to the ladies' amusement.. Published Thu Mar 12 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1488 : Let Them Eat Cake!

Mistress Athena recently came to celebrate her birthday at Whiplash Towers, and what birthday would be complete without cake?! Our slaves were whining about being hungry, so we decided they could all have some lovely cake. We order them to stuff each other's butt cracks with the yummy sweet treat and then tell them to help themselves, human centipede style as we look on and laugh at their humiliation.. Published Thu Mar 12 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1487 : Performance Related Pegging

Neil hasn't been working hard enough in the office, so it's time for him to receive a humiliating performance related pegging to help him buck up his ideas! He is ordered to drop his pants and bend over my desk so I can enter him with my huge strap-on cock. He's going to need to start working harder for his boss if he wants to have an arsehole left!. Published Thu Mar 5 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1486 : Vacbed Ballbusting Orgasm Denial

Squealer hasn't cum in weeks, and he's desperate for an orgasm. Unfortunately for him, Mistress Nikki has her own entertainment in mind so she's going to seal him into the vacbed with only his cock and balls exposed so she can tease, deny and viciously ballbust him. He's totally unable to see, let alone resist, what Nikki is doing to him, which is just how she likes it!. Published Thu Feb 27 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1485 : Humbled Plaything

Wearing a sensory deprivation hood, and a tight, spiked steel humbler on his balls, my slave is going to suffer for my entertainment! I attach tight clamps to his nipples and lead him, unable to see or hear, around my dungeon, tugging cruelly on his nipples to steer him. My slave is totally disorientated and in pain from his nipples and balls, so it's the perfect time to whip him with my quirt and watch him writhe in his humbled agony!. Published Thu Feb 20 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1484 : Subgirl's Caning & Bastinado

Subgirl rabbit is strapped to my punishment bench ready to receive some pain for my enjoyment. I warm up her cute bottom with a firm hand spanking before moving on to the REAL pain, savouring her whimpers and wriggles as I subject her to half a dozen cane strokes on each of the soles of her feet. Once the bastinado is over and rabbit's soles are nice and stripy, I turn my attention back to that cute bottom which is so in need of some stripes of its own! 12 hard strokes with the junior smoked dragon cane swish down onto rabbit's quivering buttocks, followed by six strokes from the senior smoked dragon to make sure that bottom is suitably sore. Rabbit's yelps and thrashes make my sadism all the more enjoyable for me.. Published Thu Feb 13 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1483 : The Cruel Condom

The cruel condom is a seriously vicious bit of kit, and I couldn't wait to give my slave one of the most painful orgasms of his life using it! Having clamped his nipples tightly and sounded his cock to stimulate his urethra in preparation, I slide the tight metal mesh condom over his cock and start stroking his cock, subjecting him to a harsh grating sensation all over his cock. I'm not letting him go until he cums, no matter how much it hurts!. Published Thu Feb 6 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1482 : Cumslut Sucks Cock

The two Nikkis have their slaves perform to their every whim in this cruel coerced bi clip. One slave is strapped, legs spread and totally helpless, to the bondage chair and cannot resist as the cumslut slave is ordered to suck his cock and make him cum - whether he likes it or not! The bound slave tries his hardest to forget that it's a guy sucking his dick, but the Mistresses keep on reminding him, and encouraging the cumslut to keep on sucking and jerking the cock until it sprays cum all over his face!. Published Thu Jan 30 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1481 : Impaled on the fucking machine

Nikki and Axa have their slave totally at their mercy, impaled on the fucking machine ready to get a good ass pounding. Axa sits on the slave's face to smother him as the ladies stretch his nipples and balls, cranking up the speed of the fucking machine to the maximum 240 thrusts per minute!. Published Thu Jan 23 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1480 : Caged Boot Slave

Mistress Nikki is keen to exploit her new underground cell at Whiplash Towers. Today, her boot slave is tightly confined and ordered to lick clean her incredible leather Louboutin ankle boots. The vulnerable slave is unable to move anything other than his tongue in his claustrophobic surroundings and has to suck and lick clean Nikki's red soles and heels as she gives him plenty of spit to keen his mouth moist.. Published Thu Jan 16 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1479 : Knobbled

Mistress Nikki's slave whore is bent over to take a harsh fucking from her big, black, knobbly strap-on cock. He's going to have to take it if he wants to please her, and she's in the mood to be rough with him! Not happy just with fucking him with the knobbler, she decides to stretch his hole even wider with her hand.. Published Thu Jan 9 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1478 : Confined Cock Torture

My slave finds himself confined in a skintight leather bodybag, locked in a tiny cage, in a pit, in a cell in my dungeon. There's no way I'm letting him out; he can just stay there, in his gas mask, as I toy with him. He is subjected to cock and ball whipping, flogging and torture as I enjoy the fact he is totally at my mercy.. Published Thu Jan 2 2020.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1477 : Santa's Boxing Day CFNM Challenge

Santa cums but once a year... On Boxing Day, once he's finished all his work. Nikki, Chloe and Nikki are feeling generous, so they unlock Santa's chastity cage for five short minutes and order him to masturbate in front of them. He's on a timer, and only has five minutes to shoot his load as they watch and laugh. If he cums, he cleans up his mess... Will Santa make it, or will his balls be blue for another year?!. Published Thu Dec 26 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1476 : Jingle Balls

The two cruel Mistress Nikkis have some festive fun with a couple of sets of dangly baubles in this Christmassy clip which is guaranteed to fill you with a Yuletide glow. With Moley's balls providing a jingling accompaniment - thanks to the vicious clamps holding lots of pretty silver bells onto them - Nadman gives the ladies a hauntingly beautiful rendition of their favourite Christmas tune Jingle Bells as they kick him repeatedly full-force in the bollocks. If this doesn't warm your cockles, we just don't know what will. Merry Christmas from Whiplash Towers! . Published Thu Dec 19 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1475 : Chastity Slave Eats His Painfully Ruined Orgasm

The squealer hasn't come for 75 days, and he's desperate to orgasm! Desperate enough to agree to one of Mistress Nikki's legendary ruined orgasms! Nikki slips a condom on his throbbing cock and teases and edges him until finally he can hold back no longer and lets go of over two month's worth of cum. Unfortunately for Squealer, Nikki is not going to let him have a pleasant orgasm and sets about punching and slapping his balls and cock hard to make sure his orgasm is totally ruined. As if this torment isn't enough, Nikki then makes Squealer eat every last drop of the thick, yucky ejaculate he has produced!. Published Thu Dec 12 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1474 : Cock Sounding Orgasm

Mistress Nikki's caged slave is about to have his urethra stuffed full of sounds. First, a nice chunky steel one to dilate his hole, and then an even thicker silicon sound which Nikki somehow manages to push in all the way to the hilt. The slave is overcome by the sensation of having his cock stuffed so fully and reaches a very quick orgasm with it in place - perfectly plugging him and preventing his cum from escaping.. Published Thu Dec 5 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1473 : Caned For Sniffing Shoes

He's been caught sniffing Mistress Nikki's incredible shoe collection, and now he's going to be punished with a cold caning. 64 strokes; one for every pair of shoes in Nikki's cabinet. Nikki straps him down tightly and uses a nasty-looking dragon cane for the cruel and accurate punishment, which is administered on the bare and leaves his bottom in a very sorry state indeed.. Published Thu Nov 28 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

wl1472 : Spit & Polish

Mistress Nikki and Fetish Nikki summon their slaves to the dungeon to worship their boots and entertain them. Both ladies are clad in tight leather thigh boots and require their slaves to lick every inch of the supple leather clean. The lucky slaves receive supplemental spit from their Mistresses as they get about the task in hand, their eager tongues caressing the boots. The ladies also require other entertainment in the form of degrading and humiliating tasks for the slaves to carry out, such as sniffing each other's arses and licking each other's nipples as the ladies look on and laugh.. Published Thu Nov 21 2019.
This is just one of 523 videos published on this website.

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